1st go at a Butt - QVIEW!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chakara, Jan 22, 2012.

  1.   Been a few weeks and I've had the itch to smoke something.  Found a nice looking, small, butt @ Smiths and knew this was it.  It's about 4lbs.  Once I get better at this I'm gonna load up this thing up with butts and have a party!

      For those that recall, my prior attempts have been good but a bit too smokey.  I typically have TBS in my MasterForge gasser, and the taste was not like a campfire or sharp.  It was a good taste, just a little too strong.  I've decided to monitor and control how much wood I use.  Of course I haven't yet cooked the same meats twice so it will take some time to get it figured out.

      I don't have quantities, but this is what I used to season in order of quantity in the mix:

    Brown Sugar

    White Sugar

    Lowery (instead of salt)



    Hatch NM red chili powder

    red pepper powder

    a tad of cilantro

    Rubbed it down with olive oil and generous amounts of the rub.  There is a nice fat cap and I intend to leave it sitting just like in the pic for the entire smoke.

    Hoping for a tasty bark.  Not sure why I forgot garlic, but oh well :)

    It's WINDY today, they are saying 20-30 steady with 50 gusts.  I moved the smoker to a corner and put some cinder blocks as a break.  So far its doing OK temp wise.  Glad this is a butt as I understand they are very forgiving on temp.

    I'm going to use ~20oz of hickory chunks - when they are gone, they are gone.  


    Meat started @ 36F internal and smoker is around 230.  I intend to try to get it up and hold more in the 250-270 range as I got a bit of a late start.  As before I'll try to update this tread as the day wears on....

  2. sprky

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    [​IMG][​IMG]  the results
  3. scarbelly

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    Looking good so far 
  4. smokinal

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    Great start!
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    Looking good [​IMG]
  6. rdknb

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    Looking good so far, hows it going now?

  7. Well I think.  Stall was very short, I really didn't notice it.  I'm 6 hours 20 minutes in and it is at 174F internal.  Smoker has been doing great between 230-250 all day.  I haven't even used all the 20oz of wood - probably closer to 14oz so far.

    High hopes on this one!

  8. [​IMG]

    As I said, we are near the end here - still 174F.  I was hoping for a darker bark - but who knows, it may be delicious!

    More soon...

  9. Looks like I got ahead of myself on the missing stall.  Now sitting @ 178F and moving very slowly.  Tis all good - or I hope it will be :[​IMG]

  10. Chugging along - low and slow :)  Smoker @ 243 (just removed potato's to eat and hold us over) and the meat is @ 187.  Hoping it breaks out soon and finishes up.....

    PS:  I love smoked potato's!!!

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    It's looking good but hurry I'm getting tried.
  12.   Me too - but ya can't rush perfection -- LOL


  13. Ok - 189 still so I'm gonna try.  Its tented in foil in the oven @ 320....

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  14.   It was awsome!  

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    Very nice...JJ

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