1st Fatty...The kitchen sink?

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by thagovna82, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Decided to do onr of these using some items I had around. Some leftovers. And a box of red beans and rice. We shall see.

    Using some leftover smoked chicken. Added some green peppers.

    Came across a couple sausages. Ones a veel and the other is beef. Diced em up and threw em in.

    Made sure to cook as much moisture out of the beans as possible.

    Start piling.

    And layering.

    I Decided it need some more veggies, so I tossed on some french fried onions. haha

    The began the tedious rolling process.

    On to the Smoker. I will post results when I'm finish with this badboy.
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    Looking good so far, can't wait to see it cooked and sliced.
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    Looks like it should be great.
  4. Being that this is my first...I'm not sure what it "should" taste like. But I will say that what I have created thus far is probably the best concoction I've ever put together. Enjoy these pictures while I enjoy my dinner.

  5. Looks like a winner to me!         

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    Nice fatty!
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    AWESOME :)
  9. Time to post another fattie that we had last night. Didn't want to start another thread...so I decided to continue my original.
    I always like using previously smoked leftovers for my fillings. Sorry I dont have the creation pictures, just a before and couple after shots. But most of you get the idea of how it comes together.

    The ingredients are as follows:
    Smoked chicken (leftovers)
    Yellow saffron rice (precooked)
    More mozzarella
    Encased in mild sausage
    Wrapped up in a thick-cut hickory smoked bacon weave.

    Had a couple buddies stop to share with. As always, I was given more ideas for fillers and fattie themes. Haha.

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