1st fattie - Chicken cordon bleu

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  1. Did my first fattie last night and I must say it was a hit. I didn't have the time in the evening to smoke so it got cooked in the oven. Don't hate me to much :)

    It was a simple chicken cordon blue. Ground and spiced the chicken Tony's, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Then rolled it out, stuffed it and wrapped it in the weave. It was filled with simply ham and Swiss. I could probably work on my weave skills though. It was Damn good. The wife, a friend and myself killed it.

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  2. bobank03

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    The way the weave looks doesn't make it taste any different¬†[​IMG]

    Any finished pics? You sort of left us hanging at the construction phase...
  3. Yeah sorry. I hit the submit button on my phone to early. It's updated :)
  4. bobank03

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    ok, your'e excused. The finished product came out pretty well looks like, nice job! Cordon Bleu fatties are one of my favorites! 

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