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  1. Made a trip w/ 2 of my buddies to a local flea market... passed the amish market on the way home so decided to stop in... I wasnt planning on smoking this weekend, but saw the chuck roast & I couldnt resisit trying my first Chuckie... bought it Sat. took it home rubbed in my homemade rub (brown sugar bassed) & yellow mustard...

    While i was there i grabbed 2 bottles of BBQ Sauce... Apple Butter & Raspberry Chipolte (they have several other flavors so i will be making a 2nd trip soon... i usually make my own, but this Raspberry Chipolte was something else... mmmmmm... still have to try the apple butter...

    Sunday pulled the chuckie out of the fridge and added some more rub

    Into the smoker w/ apple wood & oak (it was raining so i did take the camera outside for cook time pics... didnt want to take a chance...)
    I mopped it with a mix of Red Wine, Worcestershire, & rice vinegar about once an hour... I was originally making this to pull for sammies, but the rest of the fam wanted sliced and for me to make some sides...

    Made some brown rice mixed w/ a little tomato sacue, lots of garlic and some butter & made some mixed veggies covered in whiz...

    mmmm loved the Raz Sauce & cant wait to try the apple...

    So anyway for my first Chuckie i loved it... i want to do it again and pull it, but as for this one the crust was crispy and sweet n tangy and the inside was juciy... thanks for looking...[​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]Looks like a helluva meal.

    What did you smoke it on? What kinda wood/chips?

    What temps?
  3. Thanks!

    Smoked on my vertical Gas Brinkman
    used a mix of Apple & Oak
    cooked at 230/240 and the last 30 or 40min cranked it up to about 300 to make the crust a bit more crispy... the internal temp was about 198... was gonna take it to 205 until i changed my mind on pulling it...
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    Looks great Steve, nice job [​IMG]

    What Amish market did you go to?
    I have tried (a different brand) of Amish apple butter BBQ sauce and it was great but I have never seen their raspberry chipotle, or anything with chipotle in it for that matter.
    Was beginning to think the Amish didn't believe in chipotles...
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks man... i went to the one in Columbus, NJ that is conected to the columbus mart... they had a few other flavors (my friend grabbed a Garlic Honey)... The sauces were behind the butchers counter... I plan on going back in a week or 2 to try some more of there meats and grabbing some more sauce...
  6. it looks great. at 198 was it still moist?
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    Man your chuckie looks great and I have heard about the amish markets. they say that the food meat is well fed and maintianed to good life and they taste even better too.
  8. Great looking chuckie. [​IMG]
  9. Great looking Chuckie. I love chuckies. I just ate the last of my left over chuckie that I pulled out of the freezer for lunch today. Freeze any left overs or make way more so you have left overs because they are just as good reheaded. yum yum
  10. Chuckie looked great...nice one.
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    Man that looks good very well done
  12. Thanks! Yeah surprisingly... it had a decent marbelization before i cooked it and i was laying the mop on heavy... it was nice cause the outside was crispy but the insed was moist...

    Thanks! Yeah they are pretty good... the other meats there looked awesome its just a little out of the way, but i plan on going and stocking up..


    Thanks... well i got home yesterday and the few pieces i had left didnt even get heated up before i inhaled them LOL!


  13. looks great nice ring on it to[​IMG]

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