1st chuck roasts in smoker Best ever

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dasbear, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. First off thanks to all for posting their ideas and experiences  with this rather fatty, gristly and traditionally tough piece of meat However 2 of these bit the dust tonight with nary a fight. I really dont mind the toughness or gristle but none to be had on these. I lathered them up with olive oil and my low salt rub and cajun seasoning then into the fridge for 2 days. This morning I injected both with au jus and into a 250 deg. smoker set for 250 til 160, foiled and 250 til 195, 2 cups of diet ginger ale went in foil just because thats what I had on hand. I added a loaf of french bread to smoker and a sheet of vegis in oven for roasting. The roasts took about 5+ hours with the aubrins dual probe in control I am sure enjoying this controller. The roasts sliced beautifully not over done and very moist easily cut with a fork not chewy at all these were the best chuck roasts I've ever had. My only problem if you could call it that is firing up the 12sq ft freezer build for two little ol'e roasts. Sorry no Q view I had to taste them first to see if they deserved pics.
  2. Sounds good - sure wish I could see them though...  [​IMG]

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