1st butts. Yeehaw.

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  1. Finally got my smoker (MB XL propane) Friday, seasoned it up and smoked some butts overnight last night/today.

    Used my rib rub and only had time for 8hrs to let it sit in the fridge.

    Decided I wasn't going to foil as I wanted a good hard bark. Used water in the pan for the 1st 12hrs, none for the rest of the smoke, which took 17hrs for 2 9#'ish butts.

    So decided to start em up last night, got in 5 1/2 hrs of good smoke at 225-235 and temp was about 152*. Put one more chunk of hickory on, then hit the bed. Got up, temp was 177. Put another chunk on let that one go until these were ready to pull at 202*.

    When I went to pull off rack, guess I didn't have enough pam on em and one stuck a little, no worries, a little spatula underneath to scrape it loose did well.

    Put on pan and foiled both of them up (1 sorta half way fell apart while doing so, had to scrape it all together and..), wrapped em in towels and sitting in ice chest, doin what they do.

    Many thanks to those that contributed in the pork sticky thread and to shoneyboy for his help.

    Some Qview:

    New MB XL smoker with mods. Grill wok to sit cast iron skillet on and lasagna pan water pan. These in place of the MB XL bad design of chip box and water pan.

    Rubbed up:

    Smokin about 4hrs in:

    Smoking just a bit after I woke up and put another chunk on:

    Coming off:

    Yum.. can't wait to pull em and eat em in about 4hrs.

    Welcome any tips and comments on what I should/shouldn't have done. Need to smoke 2 more next weekend for Father's Day. Oh.. will be putting on SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce too.
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  2. kathrynn

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    Looks yummy....show the pulled q-view!

  3. Looks tasty.......[​IMG]
  4. Here is the pull... so easy!

    Tasty and juicy...needed more smoke though to me. Only was putting 1 chunk on, maybe I'll try 2 for the next time.

    Smoked it fat cap up, might try down for the next one to see if there is any difference.

    I don't know what I'm missing out on by foiling?? And not sure if to still use water or not in the pan as I see many are not.

    Put the whole batch of SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce on and mixed it all up. Good stuff, might add some cayenne to it for more kick.

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  5. seenred

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    That looks mighty good from here...nice going! 

  6. bigtrain74

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    Looks wonderful! Great work my friend. Congrats on the new cooker.
  7. Looks great - nice job! I don't foil - softens that yummy bark, and I put a disposable aluminum pan under mine to catch drippings, then skim off the fat and use the rest of the drippings in the pulled if needed.
  8. hambone1950

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    X2 what she said. Great looking cook there, brother. :grilling_smilie:
  9. reinhard

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    Great work on the pulled pork!!Reinhard

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