1st Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sagosto, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. sagosto

    sagosto Newbie

    MES 30" 

    Maverick ET-73

    5.75lbs beef brisket w/ 1/4" cap

    Scored meat and applied S&P, GP, and some cayenne per Jeff's book

    230-238F average for ~8.5 hours and hit a flat line of IT 162F; IT temp went to 165F for another 1.25 hours; Foiled and raised temp to 255F and temp went to 182F after 1 hour for a total of 11 hours; Meat was harder than cement.

    If I left it in until 190F per Jeff's book, I'd need dentures.

    Possible mistakes; Started with fat cap down unfortunately for 4 hours; After 4 hours, I used Jeff's mo sauce and flipped every 1 1/2 hours... It can't be that though?!  What am I missing here?
  2. tropics

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    To low of a IT for Brisket take it to 200-205* F probe with a tooth pick in several places, to see if it is tender

  3. smokinal

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  4. sagosto

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    If it is *DRY* at 182F, what do you think it will be at 200-205F IT?! That would make this 5.75LBS brisket about a 12 hour cook time? That doesn't seem right...
  5. trueteam

    trueteam Smoke Blower

    Listen to tropics and Smokin Al, they know what they are talking about, the brisket wasn't finished. It's done when it's done, not when a timer goes off. Take the next one to a higher temp and you will be happy.
  6. danbono

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    Some brisktes are NOT done till they reach 205+, then proble test it, "IF" the probe goes in & out like it is going in butter then the brisket is done.
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  7. sagosto

    sagosto Newbie

    My apologies as I missed the replies to this e-mail thread. I hear what everyone is saying. I am also willing to accept that some take longer than others. However, if it was DRY as a bone at 182F, how will it be tender/juicy at 202-205F? Also, Jeff's book said to smoke till 190F IT?
  8. I do agree that it should not take 11-12 hours to smoke a 6lb brisket.  I would test your temp probe and make sure it is accurate.

    A well smoked brisket should be very juicy and tender.... I do help with the juiciness by injecting beef broth throughout the meat after the rub and spray down with apple juice at least once an hour for the last 4-5 hours of the smoke.

    Some claim that fat up or down doesn't matter, but I always do mine fat up and every brisket I've done has been excellent.  

    I also recommend putting it in a foil pan and covering after 5-6 hours, once it's to the "crutch" temp of @ 155.  It should have taken all the smoke it can by that point, there should be a good bark, and it bastes in it's own juices that way and speeds up the process.  

    I have always done full 13-16 lb packer briskets, and highly recommend them.  The point that is not on the normal brisket is the juiciest piece!!

    I've always pulled them off when internal temp is in the mid 190's, but the eye and feel test for tenderness is as important as the temp.

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