1st Brisket Success

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  1. Ive had my BGE for about a year and a half and had yet to do a brisket. I saw Jeff's newsletter article on Amazingly Tender Brisket and since Since Labor Day was coming, I figured Id give it a shot. I got a 15 lb packer and followed Jeffs cook recipe pretty much to the letter. There were some anxious hours when I couldn't get the temp to stabilize and then my meat temp probe went bust, but all in all, it went good. I was starting to stress because I was shooting for an internal temp of 200. It never got above 190 (BTW, the meat temp probe decided to start working again at 185). It stayed at 190 for 5 hours. I checked the point end with a direct read thermometer and it was 190 but it slid in like butter. Its FTC for the next 3 hours while the smoked mac and cheese is on the Egg. I got almost a quart of au jus out of the pan. First pic before, the second pic is just before FTC.

    Thanks for a great easy to follow cook recipe Jeff.

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    Very good looking there , yum!!

    Congrats on your first brisket! I hope to be doing my first here before too long, hope it turns out looking as good as yours.
  3. It will. Trust the thermometer and the other posters here and youl'l be fine. Its a big hunk of intimidating meat.
  4. 15 Hungry people vs 15lb of super moist and tender brisket. It didn't last very long.
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    That looks stunning!


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