1st Brisket Smoke - My plan

Discussion in 'Beef' started by john brennan, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I'm planning on smoking my first brisket on New Years day (yes I know people say you should have pork, but its what the wife wanted!). 

    I picked up a 4.75lb brisket from Costco. This is my gameplan: 

    Optional (looking for input on this step): 

    Watching BBQ pit masters and Myron mentioned injecting his brisket with white vinegar, apple juice, and Louisiana hot sauce. Let it sit for an hour and then rub just before placing on the smoker. 

    Rub - 2 stages - For glue I've had great success with oil on pork, but thinking about spicy brown mustard for the beef.

    Stage 1 (heavy): Salt, pepper, onion, garlic - simple beef flavors

    Stage 2 (lighter for color / flavor): We have in our area of Ohio, a local BBQ rub that works great on chicken, pork, etc.. Everything I've used it on I've liked. Its very red, not spicy, just adds some good flavor. 

    If I don't inject, I'm considering rubbing and hour before I set it on the smoker. 

    I have an 18" Weber charcoal smoker, and I've got the lighting of the thing and temp control down to a science. 

    Plan to smoke at 225-250 for about 4-6 hours. Want to pull the brisket at 185-190 internal temp. Remember weight is just short of 5lbs so I might not have to smoke as long. 

    Do I wrap at 140 Internal temp like pork or wrap after I pull it? If I wrap around 140, do I put anything in the with the meat like butter? Or if I wrap after I pull at 185-190 do I add anything like butter then or just straight foil for either? 

    I want to let it rest after I smoke it, do I place it in the fridge when I pull it from the smoker? 

    Is it better to smoke it in a foil pan to keep the drippings in the pan or place right on the rack?

    How does this overall plan sound? I'm concerned about drying the meat out and making sure I get the flavor profile right. 

    Thanks for your help as always! 
  2. bear55

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    If it were I, I'd not inject.  Your rub plan sounds good.  You understand that temp control is probably the most important thing about smoking in general and briskets in particular.  I go for a low and slow smoke although there are those that believe that is not necessary.  I always wrap my briskets at 165 IT.  I pull them at 195-197 and place them into an ice chest (no ice) for at least an hour to rest (important).  You can run the tooth pick tenderness check as it cooks but the problem with that is you have to open the smoker and I don't know how long it takes your smoker to recover.  If you have a thermometer like a Maverick, use it.  I always plan for 1 hour per pound plus 2 hours so your timing sounds about right.  Remember every piece of meat has a mind of it's own and is done when it gets done. 

    Good luck

  3. geerock

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    Chances are 185 - 190 is too early. Get to 195 or so and start checking for tenderness with a probe / toothpick. Needs to go in nice and smooth. It may be done at 195, 200, maybe even higher, but DO NOT PULL IT TOO EARLY. Patience is the key. And don't put in the fridge for the rest. Double wrap in foil with a little liquid, wrap that in a heavy towel, and drop in a cooler for about an hour or more. Best of luck.
  4. b-one

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    Maybe sub the mustard for worchestshire sauce other than that I think the other guys got you covered! Get brave next time and fire up a packer it's mostly about temp control and patience,good luck.
  5. Awesome input folks! I appreciate it a lot. I've gotten really good at smoking chicken wings. I've had a consistent product for a long time since I did some research and experimentation on lighting the smoker. Found two specific methods that were great. I did a pork shoulder a few months back that was amazing. I've butchered some ribs and beef bottom round. Had a couple turkey breasts that were in-between. Just like in education when teaching students, everyone learns from experience. I love talking on the forums here and getting folks input. Can make a more educated guess on how to go about it. I'll get some pictures and post some updates as I go along. Thanks again! 

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