1st attempt at making smoked link pork sausage

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  1. My brother and I made 20# of smoked link pork sausage and 20# of boudin this weekend. Had pics to post on my phone, but my phone decided to crash. Very basic recipe but turned out really good. Got a lot of good info from this forum. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and expertise.
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  2. Sounds good! Tell us what seasoning you used. Did you double grind it? What did you use for casings?

    Happy smoken.


    PS [​IMG]
  3. Yeah, I hate I lost my pics. That was part of my learning process. Kept the smoked link recipe very basic using only pork butt, salt, black pepper, red pepper, sage and curing salt. Focused on temp regulaion, smoke time, and smoke flavor. Used apple wood for mild flavor. Pulled it after 6 hours with an IT of 165. The boudin was made using my brother's recipe. Pork butt, pork liver, rice, onion, celery, bell pepper, red and black pepper, salt and fresh cilantro. May have missed an ingredient or two as he was in charge of the boudin. Lol Used hog casings, 1 grind using medium plate on an electric grinder. I have the Kitchener 5# sausage stuffer. Smoked on GOSM propane smoker.
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    Sounds good. I am learning Andouille, Boudin, Cajun country smoked, etc..... Ya know once you've made your own even the brand you did use before .... tastes terrible! Once you make your own, you are hooked!

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