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  1. Right guys I have got some ribs in my smoker that are just about to come out of the Tin foil can some one tell me in the last hour of smoking, do I base with my Rib BBQ Sauce or leave them alone ?
  2. danmcg

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    I do it sometimes slather the BBQ sauce on in the last hour, sometimes I don't use any.
  3. What's the difference then in doing this. Do they gue upnwhen you base or do they dry out with the sugar in the sauce
  4. scooper

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    I have gotten to the point where I no longer use sauce.  If you have enough flavor and heat in your rub, and enough sugar in it to caramelize and give the ribs a good bark, along with some great smoke flavor, they do not need any sauce.  Even Mrs. Scooper likes them without.
  5. big andy a

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    Getting ready for the Q view of these ribs . . . [​IMG]

  6. Great No pressure now lol. This is only my second time in doing this
  7. I usually sauce after I pull them, IF I'm going to use BBQ sauce.  I typically pull the ribs, slice them and then plate them.  I then have pre-heated BBQ sauce on the side for anyone that wants sauce with their ribs... that way, folks who don't like sauce are happy and those that do... well, they're happy too.

  8. I agree with scooper. After I started making ribs in the smoker the family stopped using sauces.
  9. dewetha

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    I use homemade stuff, more of a glaze to provide a flavor profile to fit with my rub. while experimenting with a tex mex rib. i finished off with sweet baby ray honey chipotle and it was so heavy and syrup like compared to homemade that i think it ruined my ribs. i use to like SBR's but now it's home made or nothing(well maybe stubbs only)
  10. Stubbs. That is what I have just coated half the rack with , going to see what the difference is. I had the pull back when I opened the foil :drool
  11. davidhef88

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    I dont sauce them.  I make a home made sauce that I use on the side. 
  12. venture

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    My other half likes them sauced.  I like mine dry.  So I get to split the rack.

    Try it both ways and see what you like?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  13. Guys just had the ribs. And WOW amazing what a difference it makes putting in Tin Foil. Cheers fellas
  14. davidhef88

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  15. sunman76

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    lol...    the Q sounded good...[​IMG]
  16. scooper

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    It's like p+rn without pictures.  [​IMG]
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  17. Will post a picture shortly guys
  18. smokinal

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    Looking forward to the photo's!
  19. Guys I have posted the pictures on my other post "How Many Racks". By mistake so take a look and tell me what you think did I get enough pull back. They tasted great

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