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  1. Hello all.  Have built and used several types of charcoal smokers.  Have an offset charcoal smoker, an Old Smokey, and a cheap dome bbq for steak grilling.  Being in England, the weather is a big issue.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  This will be my first (hopefully only) attempt at a fridge smoker. Got the idea from this website.  Charcoal smokers are tough here because of the weather and as I’m getting older I like the idea of set it and forget it.  Also a sealed and insulated smoker takes the weather out of the equation.  Now please don’t be too impatient because I promised Missus KC I’d remodel the travel trailer first.  Might be a several weeks but will post picts. as I go along.  Here’s what I’m starting with.  1955, I have the original guarantee.  Was still in use in the kitchen and had about 1” of ice in the freezer.  Almost a shame to cut it up but, MEAT IS WAITING TO BE SMOKED!!  Will be propane.  Will use controls and burners out of ovens and broiler.  Thinking of a building a smoke generator but didn’t want to have to use air pump.  Any advice would be helpful.


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    Nice find! If wood pellets or hardwood sawdust are easy to come by there, you might want to think about the AMNPS for smoke. Easiest thing there is.

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  3. Thanks mneeley940.  I followed your build.  Have read all about the AMNPS.  This project is still in the planning stage and that is exactly what I was thinking at the start.  Far as I can tell GREAT product.  But using it will involve opening the door at some point during a 12 - 20 hour smoke or cutting a "drawer/door" into the fridge to replenish the smoking medium. Cutting the drawer as you know means extra work, sealing the drawer, cutting that enamel, and will alter the retro look of the smoker.  O.K. I hear it now; do you want a smoker or a work of art?  Well maybe a little of each, we all want to be proud of our work.  I REALLY didn't want to have to rely on an electrical connection for an air pump; BUT an idea rolling around in my head is what about a generator that works on the venturi  (backdraft) system with a hopper on top?  I haven't seen one on this site but I found what looks like a very basic version on youtube link.     .  Hard to say for sure as this shows no detail but with grill under the hopper why wouldn't that drip feed and last forever? Any and all advice appreciated.   Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Help me here guys; wht are the smoke generators so small?  Why not a 6" pipe 18" long for long smokes using pellets or chips?  I'm missing something here. No one builds big generators.  Please show me the way.
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    Good looking frig !!!! Good Luck !
  6. Thanks Roller.  The guys on here have done most of the hard work for me and I really appreciate them sharing all their ideas and experience.  Really helps when you can see picts of what does and doesn't work.  Some really great builds on here.  Just hope I don't let the team down.
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    For my build, I get about 4-5 hours of smoke from the wood chunks, which is good for most things. An AMNPS gives me about 11 hours with no pumps or extra pipes. I don't think anything other than an intake and outlet vent is necessary. I understand not wanting to open the fridge door to replenish wood, but at some point, aren't you going to spray, mop, foil, or othewise fiddle with your meat anyway?

    I think somebody on here built a smoker with a chute in the side that drops pellets or chips down to a pan over the heat source. Can't seem to find it at the moment...
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  8. Thanks mneeley940.  Point taken.  You just can't help but fiddle a little can ya?  Probably over-thinking this thing.  Looks like another AMNPS will be ordered shortly. [​IMG]  Hope to start this build soon.  Am sure I'll have questions.  Will post picts.  Thanks for the help.
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    Just wanted to mention that I'm not trying to stifle creativity.  I just tend to follow the path of least resistance, myself. You do whatever you like. Looking forward to pics of your build.
  10. Next question ( you knew there would be more ).  Is there a calculation or any advice on how many, what size air intake and what size stack per cubic feet of chamber?  I do tend to over build, if it needs to hold 100 lbs. I usually build for 1000 lbs.  You never know when an elephant might come along!!  [​IMG]   Thanks for the help folks.
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    KC, afternoon.....  In reply to your PM.......    the fridge acts as it's own chimney so none needed....   If you are using propane for heat, I would cut a hole in the floor of the fridge for the heat / smoke to rise up through, and go with the 2" exhaust hole or maybe 2 exhaust holes...  you won't need  much...   There are no calculators available for a fridge build, that I know of...

    mneeley490 was not being sarcastic or talking down.....   He was giving very good advice...    

    There are many burners available from this site.....  You will not need anything big for that smoker...


  12. Thanks Dave. Never thought he was talking down.  I have a thread in general discussion I'd like you to read and comment on.
  13. As a side note Dave. I hope you and mneely940 will follow my build.  Will be a while yet but will happen quickly when it begins.  Thanks for the advice.  Have learned alot from your advice
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    I'm watching.
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    I've never tackled this kind of build project myself, but I enjoy watching the talents and creativity of others.  It seems like Dave and mneeley are giving you great advice.  I'm looking forward to watching your build, KC

    Good luck!

  16. GREAT!!  Am so glad you guys are watching. Knowledge is power
  17. Not given up.  Almost got the travel trailer finished.  Been gathering parts and ideas.  BTW mneeley, I've stolen one of your ideas.  Was reading one of your post, I believe on smoking bacon and you made a quick comment on how you wish you had a light in your fridge. [​IMG]  So thank you very much. [​IMG]  Being from South Tx. I wasn't used to it but during winter here in England it gets dark ( I MEAN DARK ) at 16:30.  So there is now a light planned into my build.  Getting closer to reality.
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    Yeah, at some point I'm going to tear it apart again and replace the thermostat with one with a longer cord. Maybe I'll jerryrig an oven light in at the same time.

    Good luck!

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