1940'S General Electric Build

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  1. Hello all, Been awhile since I've been on here. I started a 2nd smoker awhile back and figured I'd share it with you. This one was a bit tough as it was painted 6 times with rolled on painT. Stripped it down and then sanded to bare metal. Then I finished with fresh paint. here is few pics. I re Insulated it with rock wool. I used all stainless hardware and around the inside of the door I used stainless Rivets. Very Pricey. As for the bottom I used the cover and built a box, added drawer slides so I can store pellets. Must not waste the space, Right? Its all electric and I used a 1900w heater strip. http://www.grainger.com/product/TEMPCO-Heater-2XDZ6?functionCode=P2IDP2PCP. I also using this PID. http://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=381. I overall very happy with the way this one turned out. Have had several complements on my other one that I finished some time ago. This Black one here just recently sold. He has had it for few weeks now and absolutely loves it. In progress in building a # 3. Pics to come. Enjoy your day. Smoke on EVERYONE!!

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    great set up and looking smoker. Word of advice, make sure you lower the total power output to the finned strip heater. You will burn it out in quickly if you leave the setting at 100% output.

    The only way you can run full power through a finned strip heater is with forced air moving across it.

    I know from experience with the same set up.

    The setting is very easy to change. You need to know the total watts per square inch at full power and total allowable watts per square inch when the element is used in a still air oven. Usually around a 25% decrease in power output is fine.
  3. madman mike

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    you may also want to put a heat shield over the element to not just protect it, but to help divert the heat more into the middle for even flow.
  4. madman mike

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    I have almost the identical fridge..

  5. twissted

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    I need to build me another one of these. I had one and left it when I moved. I have a friend that has one in a shed that I can get my hand on. It white in color. 
  6. mike,

      I did set a deflector over finned heater. As far as the heater strip running max all the time... with the damper on the side air is moving. Am I correct or? I am in the process of building another but in a Westinghouse. It has a bigger interior space. But was planning same way as this one.
  7. madman mike

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    its still not enough ari flow directly over the strip heater. I have a drain directly under my strip heater that also acts as the air intake, it still burned out the element after several weeks. I dropped the popwer output and its been running solid for months now, and its in a gastro pub that's uses it every day.

    with the set up you have the air intake doesn't actually pass over the finned strip heater, you have air flow, but not directly over the heater.

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    Is there a reason for where you placed the exhaust vent? Just curious because I'm in the middle of building mine, and haven't cut the holes yet.
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    It's best to place the exhaust on the side wall so condensate does not drip on the food....
  10. Here's my original smoker. I have used several times and haven't had issues with it. Been using for over 7 months. Drain right under the strip heater. I use this almost daily. So I'm little confused on exactly to adjust it? To keep it from burning up.

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    I have to ask, how do you keep the inside so clean using it every day? I've used mine 3 times and it's brown
  12. nice fridge build! I really like the smokin pig sticker where did you find it?

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