17 lbs of Pork Butt

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  1. Got two 8+ pound pork buts. I seasoned them with Jeff's rub, some Lawrey's, and mustard. Got them on the smoker at 8 am. I'm going to be cooking around 300. The plan is to be done by 5pm and rest the meat till 7pm. Going to be some good eats tonight.

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    I will be watching.

    You going to foil?
  3. Yeah. Going to foil, otherwise I'll be sleeping by the time it gets done. Cooking with kingsford competition charcoal. I'm also using apple and cherry chunks of wood.

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    That's a pretty fast cook time.  I'll be watching to see if you can pull it off. Good Luck!
  5. As long as I can keep my temps between 300-315, I should be ok with the time. Working with a cheap offset smoker sometimes requires a little extra attention and effort to achieve those temps for that amount of time, but when I do, it usually takes about an hour a pound (will be wrapping with foil to get the quicker cook time).

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  6. 2 hours into smoke. Spritzed with 50/50 mix apple juice & apple cider vinegar. Keeping temps between 300-315.

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    Looking good, look forward to seeing the final shots!
  8. Thank You! 3 hours into smoke and still cruising a little over 300. Spritzed with AJ/ACV. Added a lit chimney of briquettes to basket.

  9. 4 hours into smoke. Spritzed again. 157 on both butts with the Thermapen. Will wrap in about an hour.

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  10. 4 hrs 45 min into smoke and thermapen is reading around 167 on both butts. Pit temp 315. Wrapping.

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  11. After 6 hours at 300-315 butts at 195. Unwrapped and put back on the smoker to firm up the bark.

  12. I've been watching each picture come as these butts have been on and I must say I'm hungry again after eating lunch 10 minutes ago! Looks great. I wonder if they'll pull just like a butt at 235 or so will? Never seen them go so high and fast.
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    Looking good so far.  Lets see how it pulls. 
  14. Thanks so much!!! I had to be careful it didn't rip it apart when lifting. I had to use a long spatula. It super tender.
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    Just take the beer out of the reefer and put in the ice chest by the pit. It'll keep you checking that smoke more often!!
  16. Thanks for the tip. It's 2:30 pm here in PA, but hell it's 5oclocksomewher!!! A few beers will help get me through a 2 hour rest!!!

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  17. Thanks for all the nice comments from everyone. I did these butts hot and fast. Myron Mixon uses this meathod. I've done a few butts in the past using this style and they turned out really good, so hopefully this will be the same. I'll probably let it rest 2-3 hours and pull. I'll posts more pics later.
  18. 3 1/2 hour rest. When I say butter, I mean it was like butter!!! They are great. I used Jeff's bbq sauce on
    one, the other is not sauced.

  19. Buster waited patiently for those bones!!!

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    Dang it man that looks good, Nice post!!!! [​IMG]

    A full smoker is a happy smoker. 


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