-17 and snack sticks in the MES

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  1. Just a shout out as I had no idea it was quite so cold and people have asked before about low temps. Thank god for Todd's AMNPS. Its pumping away. Already have a couple racks on counter. I could have got it all in one but I chose not to for testing reasons. Anyway. Happy new year. Going outside in this yet. Like to pull the AMPNS soon but last batch dropped 20 degrees IT just opening door very briefly. It is a one shot deal tonight.

    Here is a shot of first rack
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    Dang nab it them look great hopefully the next rack comes  out lookin that good

    Amps and Todds customer service rocks


    A full smoker is a happy smoker
  3. I struggled keeping it lit the first batch of sticks. Called Todd on Monday and first thing I got was a lecture I didnt call him on Sunday. And I so wish I would have. It works. It just flat out works. Looking out the window and can't believe how it's going. One end lit and actually a bit too much at the moment. Might be temp related and burning too fast. I want to shut it off but don't dare open smoker. Don't get me wrong...I am so glad I have it. I did a venison shoulder and had perfect TBS. These temps are having an effect I believe on it.
  4. Or maybe its the light messing with me and its perfect again. Recipe is actually a bit of a cheat. PS seasonings mix with added mustard seed, cayenne, crushed red pepper, a bit of white ground pepper. 1.1 jalapeño per pound. And high temp cheese.
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    Todd has you covered also you may sometimes have to microwave your pellets for about 2 min before lighting them make sure you have them lit for a good 10 min before blowing out the flame  and putting it in the smoker

    Good luck

     A full smoker is a happy smoker
  6. An update that when I pulled rest of sticks I set the maze on top and left smoker on. Perfect TBS out of AMPNS and empty smoker was still putting out white smoke/steam. So when it is this cold it is hard to know what the AMPNS is actually doing. But it was doing what it was supposed to be. I put it in my unlit grill while drying second batch and loved it pumping TBS out of any crack. Just a must have.

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