17.5lb brisket

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  1. Put my 17.5lb brisket on at 01:00 this morning.

    2 hours later the probe in the point reads 109 degrees.

    This was a little bigger than I was looking for. I wanted one in about the 14-14.5lbs. range. But this was it at Wal-Mart. The others were even bigger, except for one that was all of 7.5lbs.

    Trimmed off a good 2 lbs of fat. But this brislet had a very uneven fat distribution..parts of the flat had almost no fat at all, and other parts had a half inch.

    Going to be another all night smoke. Planning to eat by 17:00 on Friday.

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  2. 8 hours in. Flat at 185, point at 174.

    Time to wrap. This is my first time wrapping with butcher paper. Going to have to work on my paper wrapping technique.

  3. 14 hours on the smoke. Pulled and resting, wrapped in a couple of towels. Point at 199*, flat at 203*. Resting for about 2 hours until the rest of dinner is ready.

  4. Yum! Looks good! Nice smoke!
  5. Done. Sliced and ready to eat.

    Not as moist as my last couple wrapped with foil. The very end of the flat was not as tender as I like. But the closer to the point, the more tender and moist it was. The point was super tender and moist.

    The bark was definitely more crusty. But I'm not sure yet how much of it was due to the butcher paper or just that it was a very large brisket and took much longer to cook. Also, I think my smoker is a bit too small for briskets this large. I think it's better suited for 12-13 lb. briskets.

    Also I think the uneven fat distribution on this brisket had a lot to do with the overal quality.

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  6. Wowza, that is one awesome smoke my friend. Looks delicious.

    One great Christmas dinner. Good job!

  7. POINTS!!!!

    Great looking smoke!

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