16" beef brisket on electric smoker

Discussion in 'Beef' started by td3201, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. td3201

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    I'm a novice smoker. I have a pretty small smoker. 2 racks, above and below, each 16" round. I've been asked to smoke a brisket and a couple of whole chickens. The chicken is easy. I have done that and will do it on the top rack, no problem. The challenge is the brisket I have is 18" long (10 lbs).  Can I cut this in 1/2 or just trim it down a bit then smoke it? I appreciate the advice.
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    If it is a full packer you can separate the point from the flat.

    That should shorten it up enough.

    Or you can just cut it in half.

    If it is just a flat, then yes just cut it in half.

    Or just trim enough off the thin end to fit in the smoker.

    Lots of options!

  3. td3201

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    Thanks for your reply. Makes sense. I think my smoker only gets up to 200 degrees. Is that an issue?  Is still 1.5 hours per pound still valid for that?
  4. smokinal

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    Are you sure your smoker only gets up to 200 degrees?

    That would be very unusual, and pretty much impossible to smoke a brisket & have it cook to 200-205 IT.

    If it's true that your smoker only gets to 200, I would smoke the brisket for a few hours, then finish it in a 250 degree oven.

    Are you going by the factory thermometer? They are notoriously inaccurate.

  5. td3201

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    Good point. Let me pilot the max temp on this thing tonight with a real thermometer.
  6. td3201

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    Yup, I feel dumb. The thing gets a lot hotter. Shame on me.

    I'm trying to back into the timing here so I can ensure I'm done on time. Need it done by 6pm. Here's a rough timeline. Let me know if I'm off base:

      04:00 - 10 lb brisket rest at room temp

      05:00 - smoker on and at 250 - add a few chips (hickory and apple) every couple of hours

    ~08:00 - brisket at 160, pull and wrap with a little beef broth in the foil

    ~15:00 - brisket at 200, pull, wrap in towel and stuff in cooler

    ~18:00 - cut and serve

    Are my assumptions here close to reality? 

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