16.3 lb chunk of brisket - HELP!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jsclow, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. jsclow

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    This sort of thing has been very hard to come by.  Here where I live I can only find grass feed beef with very little fat and even then brisket is far and few between.  My wife was able to find this 16.3 pound chunk-a-love in San Pedro Sula through a good friend and it looks like I have a great source for imported USDA beef.

    What I am looking for right now is some help on how to cut this bad boy up to fit in my mini-WSM.  Please any advice is welcome and pictures, drawings are appreciated and helpful.
  2. bear55

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    If you have to cut it up there is a tutorial here for separating the point from the flat on a brisket.  I did it one time and it worked nicely.  I was able to separate them without any trouble.  If you can cook it as one piece that is much better.

  3. joopster

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    I suppose you could seperate the point from the flat and then cut the flat in half.

    It's so much better in one piece.  I guess you could cut the flat down until the rest fits in the mini.

    Make sure you do burnt ends no matter what.
  4. jsclow

    jsclow Fire Starter

    The picture does not do this brisket justice.  Whatever I do it is gonna take 2 days just to thaw out so I can cut it.
  5. I want to see that sucker smoked

  6. joopster

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    Get to it already!
  7. jsclow

    jsclow Fire Starter

    we'll get to it.....things move really slow here in Honduras.
  8. When I have a brisket that is too big for my grill, I take a tin can (Soup, corn, beans, whatever gives you enough height) and make sure that I open it on both ends, drain, and clean it so there are no off flavors and put that in the middle of the brisket so it forms an arc, and when the brisket cooks and shrinks it will fit nicely and you still get an even amount of smoke.  I have a can that I cut grooves into the bottom of just to give it extra stability on my grill grate and it works like a charm  Depending on how big it actually is in comparison to your smoker and how much clearance you have with your lid, it may not work.  But I have used this method with a lot of success when I do briskets on my Weber Kettle.  Regardless, I am excited to see how it turns out
  9. jsclow

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    Thanks Cody.  That is a great idea.  Someone just sent me a Weber Kettle Premium.  So I think with it I can make this fit fine.  I am still on a learning curve with the Mini I made and now I will be on one with the Kettle.  It is the same diameter as a 55 gal drum so I have thoughts of modifying a drum to fit and to give a little more distance from the heat to the meat.

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