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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bnew17, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. bnew17

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    I am currently building a 250 gal smoker and thinking of starting a 150 gallon next. I came across a guy selling full sheets of 1/4" and partial pieces of 1/4" sheet at a really good price. I am going to get a 4x8 sheet for the firebox and maybe a partial piece for the rf plate. Can anynody give me a rough measure of the length and width of the tank. I think my 250 gal was 30" , so im assuming a 150 gal would be smaller
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  2. radioguy

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    24" diameter by 54" long will give about 100 gallons. Since you are rolling your own...you can dial it in.....just Google cylinder volume calculator.....many to choose from.

  3. bnew17

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    No i am not rolling my own tank. I am going to purchase a 150 gallon tank but do not have one currently. Im asking what the rough dimensions are seam to seam and the diameter...so i will know roughly what size RF plate i will need. Im hoping he has a scrap plate that will suit me for this.
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    My 150 gallon smoker is 30" diameter, 48" length.

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  5. Most 120 gallons are 24 dia and will give you a 48" width from seam to seam.  Id stick with a 250, everything just works out better with that size.

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