15 lb. Whole Kurobuta Ham from Snake River Farms

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mneeley490, May 30, 2016.

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    I bought this ham online from Snake River Farms in Idaho. I've had their NW beef before and it was very good, so I decided to look at their Berkshire Kurobuta pork.

    This was a splurge, but it was half price plus free shipping, so I couldn't pass it up. Kurobuta is to pork, what Wagyu is to beef. Highly tender and subtly marbled. This was pre-cooked, so just it needed to be heated. I warmed it in the Weber kettle at 325° for about 4 hours, with some apple smoke.

    I can honestly say, this is the most tender and delicate ham I have ever had. Slicing was a dream, and it was uniformly juicy throughout. I'm glad that I put some more smoke to it, though, as I think it is just lightly smoked at the farm, and we're used to a little more smoke flavor here.

    The grandson enjoyed it too, now that he has enough teeth to chew.

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    Looks tasty, nice job ! We've not tried that ham before ! But we've ate a pretty good amount of their beef, most grocery stores here carry their product cause it's local !

    Good to see the little one enjoying too ! Thumbs Up
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  3. Nice lookin' ham!!!

    I haven't had meat from Snake River Farms yet. From the looks of it, I should SOON!!!

    I would say the finger lickin' is the ultimate sign of approval from your grandson... [​IMG]  
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    Nice job!

    That ham looks delicious!


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