15# Brined Turkey Approx. Cook Time?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by tbakko, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I am smoking a 15# turkey for a family friend today. I brined for 24hrs in Tip's brine, then rubbed & let sit overnight in the refer. I need to have this bird done at around 4:00pm today & was wondering what time to put the bird in the smoker @ about 325º. I also plan on sprizing with cherry juice.
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  2. smokinal

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    I've never smoked one at that temp., I usually shoot for 300 degrees, so I can only guess at about 6-7 hours. If it gets done early you can keep it warm in a 150 degree oven. You should rest it for 1/2 to 1 hour before carving anyway.
  3. chef willie

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    I did a 12 pounder last month and it took about 6 hours at 250/275 to hit 185 in the thigh. Was fighting a major wind storm though that played havoc with keeping consistent temps.
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    last time i smoked some turkeys i did 2 of them in my MES40.  i did a 13 and 15 lber.  i had the temp set at 250 and it took between 4 and 5 hours to get the internal temp to 165 on the breast meat.  at 225 it should take a bit longer (imo) but you need to go by internal temp to make sure it is done.  good luck and don't forget to post some pic's!

    Times and Temperatures Chart

    Type of MeatSmoking TempTime to CompleteFinished Temp
    Brisket (Sliced)240°F1.5 hours/pound185 degrees
    Brisket (Pulled)240°F1.5 hours/pound195 degrees
    Beef Ribs225°F3 hours175 degrees
    Pork Butt (Sliced)225°F1.5 hours/pound175 degrees
    Pork Butt (Pulled)225°F1.5 hours/pound195-205
    Whole Chicken250°F3-4 hours167 degrees
    Chicken Thighs250°F1.5 hours167 degrees
    Chicken Quarters250°F3 hours167 degrees
    Whole Turkey 12#240°F6.5 hours170 degrees
    Turkey Leg250°F4 hours165 degrees
    Turkey Wings225°F2.5 hours165 degrees
    Boudin230°F2.5 hours165 degrees
    Breakfast Sausage230°F3 hours160 degrees
    Fatties225°F3 hours165 degrees
    Meat Loaf250 -300°F3 hours160 degrees
    Meatballs (2 inch)225°F1 hour165 degrees
    Spare Ribs225-240°F6 hours172 degrees
    Baby Back Ribs225-240°F5 hours172 degrees
    Smoked Corn225°F1.5 - 2 hoursN/A
    Smoked Potatoes225°F2 - 2.5 HoursN/A
  5. Cool, that's about what I figured. The reason for the higher temp was to get a crisp skin, I intensly dislike a rubbery skin.
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    You will get a crispy skin smoking at 300.
  7. Here's the turkey after only 3 hours, will it hurt to turn heat in the smoker down to 150º to hold for a couple hours?

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    I'm just a little late on this, but no it will be fine at 150.

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