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    Hi, I'm looking to expand my cooking family and have narrowed it down to a 14.5 wsm or a MES. Some of the qualities I'm looking for are

    1) Convenience-

       - Ease of cleaning is an issue with my current 22.5 the pan is a beach! I know I know foil the pan, but I can never make that work. The smaller 14.5 would be easier to clean in theory.

       - Also the MES is appealing for the set it and forget it nature, especially on all night cooks like butts and briskets.

       - Size, i'm looking for something smaller because busting out the 22.5 wsm for just my wife and I is ridiculous. The 14.5 would be ideal. The MES is larger yes but wouldn't feel guilty burning a whole bag of lump for just a couple chickens.

    2) Cost after Purchase

       - It's not a huge deal but going with the MES would reduce my cost after purchase by not having to buy charcoal. I understand you still need chips/pellets etc. But also need to buy chunks with charcoal smokers.


    Taste- will I be sacrificing any taste going to an electric from my usual charcoal?

    Durability- obviously if taken care of weber products will last a lifetime. How do MES' do?

    basically I'm leaning towards the MES for convenience but if I lose a bunch of flavor due to lack of charcoal I might not go that route. Yes I know people like the electric smokers, and yes I know their are die hard charcoal enthusiasts. I want people who have both or had both to chime in please :)

    thanks for reading and for your replies.
  2. @Reasoning

    Get the WSM 14.5 incher!!!!!!
    I got mine from FireCraft!
    I wouldn't have another MES....NEVER!!!!!...not even if it were free!!!

  3. reasoning

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  4. c farmer

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    I have a mes and a mini wsm ( basically a 14.5 wsm ). I use the mini all the time. Love the charcoal taste and once you get use to it, it will cook all night with out touching it.

    I use the mes for precise temp and smoke control using the AMNPS.

    The charcoal will give a more bbq flavor.

    Hope I helped some.

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