13.5# Turkey in MES

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  1. So as the subject suggests I plan to Smoke a 13.5# turkey this year in my MES. Some posts recommend Low and Slow and some say set it as high as you can and when the internal temps reach 140 coat the bird in veg oil and rub? Should I avoid rubbing the bird down with a rub to begin with? I want to smoke the bird the day before and warm it in the oven on thanksgiving. 

    No one suggests brining the bird?  I've done this with chickens in the past and the results are always juicy chicken I assumed this would be true for the turkey?

    I plan to use my A‑MAZE‑N Pellet Smoker Tube (still debating what pellets to use tho - suggestions welcome). Should I pull the turkey at 160 and wrap and stick it in the cooler? 

    What tips or tricks can y'all recommend? What is a good rub for turkey? 

    Help is as always Greatly appreciated! 
  2. BUMP?
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    I would brine then rub it with what ever you choose to use before smoking. I rub the night before but that is just me you don't have to. I would put smoke on it for about three hours and then take it to 165 in the breast and 175 in the thighs. My mes will only go to 275 so that's where I cook chickens and turkeys if it would go to 325 or so I would do that makes the skin more crispy. That what I do. Hope it helps

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