$120 MES analog on sale !!!!

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  1. Bass Pro Shops -  $!!9.97 + tax, no shipping if you pickup in store, $18 shipping to  home - 

    1500 W element  !!!

    WITH legs.

    Really only a steal if you have one near you, cause Amazon has same one for $146.27 w FREE Prime 2 day.

    Walmart, similar price as Amazon.

    "Same one" meaning two different model #,----   BUT----   SEEM TO BE  identical other than the emblem on door.

    Looks like ALL steel door, none of that plastic trim stuff.

    This is the PERFECT model for me, cause I planned on an Auber right from the start.

    And the 1500W will give awesome quicker heat up time, etc.

    NO pull, load, push, turn dispenser on this one, but I'm doing Mailbox w/ AMNPS anyway, I'll just hole saw a hole.

    Like  $400 for a total setup,----   smoker, Auber, and mailbox/ AMNPS, ready to go.

    What more do you want ? 

    Beat that.

    Smokin hot deal,    Marc 


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  2. 10/10 update --  It seems that Bass pro shop $120 price has disappeared, now $179.

    Supposed to be on sale again Black Friday, but in Canada ONLY, not US..

    Insider info !!.               Marc
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