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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mikes79bronco, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Hello Mikes79Bronco and welcome to the forums,

    Design looks good overall...

    I would suggest not having the racks extend all the way to the far wall over the gap at the end of the RF plate.
    Any food placed there will drip grease down into the bottom of the CC and could run back into the FB and cause a grease fire.

    It is also better to have a curved transition at the end of the tunnel from the bottom into the top of the CC where the smoke makes the 90 deg turn.
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    I did redesign to address those issues, I apreciate the input. 

    I've made a few changes. The drawing isn't done but its far enough to get me started.

    And the build begins! Started cutting the parts out on Saturday. 

    Fishing parts off the table

    Pile o parts

    Tacked up the exhaust plenum at the end of the day today. 

    That's where I'm at for now, I will update when I get more done. 
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    I got the firebox tacked together last night. I don't have the top or bottom piece for the firebox cut out yet, I should have another sheet of 1/2" here today. I'll get top / bottom cut tomorrow and get it tacked complete. Hopefully start on the cook chamber this weekend as well. 

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    Looks like you spent alot of time planning which will make the build go fast. What would ya do without cnc hehe just stick a to b and ya done. I like your ideas looks really good. There may be a market in australia for your smoker. Out door alfresco with built in bbq and pizza ovens are pretty standard in new homes but yours being square shape would look even better as a built in smoker. I will enjoy watching this beast go togeter
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    I do have a lot of time into the planning of this thing, I'm glad I did its coming together nice and easy now. Once you have the CNC you won't go back. I prefer the squared off look I think its better looking and should allow me more cook surface in a smaller footprint. 

    Got a good amount done today. 

    Some action shots from the plasma table

    Front door piece warped a little had to push it back into place

    This is where I left it for the day

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    Currently the way I have it setup the bottom of my exhaust plenum will be about 8 inches above my bottom cook rack. Someone else has brought it to my attention that the bottom of the plenum should be inline with the bottom rack. I thought it was supposed to be mid level in the cook chamber. 

    Does any body have any advice on this? I need to know before I finish welding. If it should be at the bottom I can cut out the one side and flip it to get it at the bottom. 
  8. mikes79bronco

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    Finally got back to working on this thing. I'm going to try and finish it up this week now. Its almost done just getting down to some more welding and the details. 

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    Performance wise, it doesn't matter. Your preference is as good as anyone else's.
  10. smokejumper

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    Looks like the face of your CC is reversed from the drawing. Shouldn't the wider part be opposite the FB?

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