120 Gallon Propane Tank

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  1. I was just given a 120 gallon propane tank from the local propane dealer that I can use to make my first smoker.  I will be working with the students in the metal shop at the high school i work at to fabricate this.  I am looking for design ideas as I am certainly not a metal worker, and the students I am working with are good for high school students.  I have read the forums and know to add dawn soap and water to the tank a few times before anyone cuts into it.  Do you have any suggestions as to design?

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    Geever, morning and welcome to the forum.... glad you found us....  below are threads on reverse flow smoker builds... there is a ton of info in there.... cruise the forum and pick points you want to incorporate and ask specific question about any of your concerns....   I would build a reverse flow if I had all that "free" help...  they seem to produce the most consistent product and are the smoker of choice in a lot of cooking contests....  Several of the members have built them and are happy with the results.....


    Here is a calculator that will aid you and your team on "proper" dimensions for a build that will work well.... Alien put together this calculator and many have used it with success.....  Enjoy the build and take lots of pictures for others to learn from....  Sounds like a really good project for the kids...


    Remember to ask any questions you may have... there are lots of folks with tons of experiences in this type of endeavor.... and they love to help.... 


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