120 gallon Hybrid Gas Pig Roaster/Grill/Smoker build.

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  1. This is a 120 gallon smoker/grill combo using the center section of a 5 burner grill as it's heat source, and a small side firebox to burn charcoal and wood chips, or small splits of wood for smoke,. You can high heat grill on the original 5 burner grates, or the first 24by36 inch cooking grate, drop in the waterpan/indirect heat diffuser,and low temp roast or smoke using 2 or 3 burners. You can use all 5 burners to use it as a high heat roaster or oven. the front shelf swings down for storage.
    Tank cut

    Swing down shelf

    Shelf up

    Door open

    Door closed
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  2. More Build Pics
    Gas tank mount added

    Side Fire Box

    Slide out charcoal or wood tray

    Lid support Springs

    Going to the sandblaster

    Back from sandblasting
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  3. More Pics
    Shelf above side firebox for remote Temp Gauges

    4 coats of Rustoleum High heat Black Framework will be gloss black

    Front shelf Gloss black and Burnt Copper Metallic

      5 Burner original cooking grates

      5 Burner center section added for heat

      Lift out Waterpan/Indirect heat deflector under const.

     Stack and handle and gauges added

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    That's really a great build.

    Looking forward to seeing it in action.

  5. Finished Pictures
    Lift out Waterpan/Indirect Heat Diffuser

    End View

    Waterpan out for Direct Grilling and 12by36 Warming shelf

     Front View

     Lower 24by36 grate in for grilling,waterpan out

     55 Burner grates for direct grilling

       Automatic Swing down Lid safety

     Waterpan in and all 3 grates for smoking,Sidebox for Woodchips or small wood splits for Smoke

     2 24by36 grates & 1 36by12 grate on anti tip slide out tracks.

     Side shelf for Remote Therms
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    Wow, clean build.

    You have obviously spent a lot of time on it.

    Those door springs look like 88-96 Chevy hood springs. ( I remember them after getting my hand jammed in them removing a hood and needing 5 stitches).

    I may have to build something similar with a parrilla and firebox below now you have given me an idea.
  7. Those are 2000 Chevy/Gmc Springs, They are holding up a 125 pound door, I can see where you would need stiches if they bit you !! OUCH!!

  8. sqwib

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    Holy Chit, Mad skills brother, looks fantastic.
  9. Wow!! I thought my build was somewhat complicated before I saw this thing!! Nice work!!
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