#12 STX MEGAFORCE 3000 SERIES on Sale on Amazon

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ddt79, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. ddt79

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    I'm looking to make my next purchase, a grinder.  I've looked around at a number of different machines(some electric, some manual).  STX, on paper, seamed to be a fair manufacturer.  When I came across this machine for under $150, it peaked my interest.  It comes with a number of attachements.  Has anyone had experience with this brand or this machine?


    The STX Mega force is also an option at $168.

  2. i saw them as well when I was in the market for a grinder. On paper, it looks like a good machine. What threw me off was their website. Looks like a 8 year old put it together. I didn't feel safe ordering from a company that has that kind of front. I called them with a few questions, and never received a return call. Maybe they are great, maybe I called them at a bad time, I dont know.

    I bought a LEM instead
  3. chef jimmyj

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    I need to follow this one, been lookin' as these as well...Any thing with a Hood Scoop has to be Powerful...[​IMG]...JJ
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  4. couger78

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    Per their site & some of the specifications...

    • Grinds 175 to 225 Lbs Per Hour on HIGH SPEED

    • Grinds 110 to 140 Lbs Per Hour on LOW SPEED

    • #12 Size Grinding Head
    1.8 lbs (slowest) to 3.75 lbs (fastest) PPM (pounds per minute)—for a #12 grinder, that's pretty slow.

    Most quality #12 grinders will do 6-8 PPM (LEM & Cabelas).

    Heck, larger manual grinders are capable of doing up to 4 PPM.

    This may not be a 'deal breaker' as speed isnt everything, but i have to wonder about the 'REAL world' power capability of the grinder when the output is relatively modest compared to other ones of comparable size—in spite of the chromed "power air scoop."  [​IMG]

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  5. I dont know much about them, actually untill 10 minutes ago.... nothing

    But looking at the specs for a few more dollars the stainless blades in the Mega would be a plus. 

    I know in my unit my blades rust pretty quick unless I protect them.

    Plus you get that real cool hood scoop.
  6. I would avoid a grinder with an aluminum barrel, the aluminum tends to rub off into the meat.

    3000 watts? 1.8 to 3.75 lbs. per minute?
    Sure sounds super inefficient!

  7. biteme7951

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    I bought a turboforce last new off e-bay for $119 last fall. they are around $139 now. free freight. It is a nice grinder for the money for sure with lots of power. Like martin said it is all aluminum so washing by hand is a chore, but still a good grinder.

  8. Is there an American made meat grinder? 

    I noticed Cabelas' website states it's meat grinders are imported and after inquiry, I received an email from LEM stating its meat grinders are manufactured in China.

    I for one am sick and tired of buying that Chinese crap!

    When I was in the market for a meat slicer, and after not finding a single brand made in America, I bought a Berkel 825A (made in Italy--not America--but at least not from China).

    When and why did we stop demanding quality products in exchange for our hard-earned money?
  9. I bought a chinese grinder about 3-4 years ago.  Because I couldn't locate an american made that I could afford at that time.  So we gambled that our money wasn't wasted.

    Here is what we got


    No problems so far.

    And it will eat meat as fast as you can feed it.

    I'm pleased and would buy it again.
  10. I bought an LEM #8 and for my purposes it works great. Not sure if there are any still made in the US.
  11. chef jimmyj

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    It started about 35+ years ago... all that matters is " I WANT IT CHEAP! "  Walmart was more than happy to give us all the Cheap, Imported Crap we wanted and continues to do so.

    By the mid 70's you saw less, " Look for the Union Label " commercials and by 1980 American made meant it cost too much and may not be worth the money. I'm going to stop now cause the rest get's Political and has nothing to do with Smoking...JJ
  12. johnyd

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    Sometimes when you opt for cheaper thats exactly what you get. And pissed off to boot! Wait a bit longer, save a few more coins and buy the better one you want.

    I bought a low end mincer when i started out......... boasted 2000 watts and reverse function blah blah........ you need that reverse function to back it off 'cause it wont grind worth a spit.

    And Noisy!!!  I since sold that puppy (and felt guilty doin it)  Paid more money and have a mincer that will chew through a cow!  I had to palm off the old one by saying it was only good for fish berley and softer items.
  13. moikel

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    Tricky down our way because the shipping hurts if you want ..say Italian machines.. A lot of the stuff I am seeing is Chinese ,all over Ebay & web only stores.The better machines are expensive ,grinders or sausage stuffers from companies that stand behind their products. What brand did you settle for in the end?

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