12 lbs of pork butt on my Big Green Egg with Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by slimc, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I picked up 12 lbs of pork butt from Costco.

    I tried a different tecnique this time to smoke. This was my first pork butt smoke on my BGE.

    The night before smoking it I rinsed the meat with cold water and patted it dry.

    Next, I applied yellow mustard and coated in Jeffs rub, covered it in plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge over night.

    The next night when I got home I started the cook

    9 pm fire up smoker to 220, coat the heat deflector with foil and put in drip pan with water. Add hickory wood chunks

    9:50 pm put pork on smoker with probe in to monitor internal temp.

    3:30 am IT reached 165 degrees, pulled and wrapped in foil and added a few oz of apple juice to foil

    put in 225 degree oven in foil

    7:15 am first butt was done at 203 degrees, let sit in foil for 1 hour. This one took about 9 hours

    8:15 am pulled first butt and placed in fridge for later. This one had a good smoke, I think I pulled it a tad too soon as some spots the fat still needed to render down and was a little tough, but overall was good.

    The second butt was taking a while and sitting at 199, so I raised the oven temp to 275.

    11:00 am second butt reached 203 degrees IT. This one took 13 hours

    12:30 pm pull second but, and discarded smokey juice (I find it overwhelmingly smokey, so I like finish sauce instead)

    I mixed up a batch of SoFlaQuers finish sauce (click here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/51933/soflaquers-finishing-sauce-for-pulled-pork)

    I made the hole in my squirt bottle a little larger in order for the black pepper and creole seasonings to fit through and coated the second butt in this sauce.

    I gotta say, this was my first time using that finish sauce and it made all the difference! wow, best shoulder I ever cooked thanks to that sauce finishing it off, perfect amount of smoke and flavor.

    I plan on eating the pork with a little bit of BBQ sauce mixed in. Enjoy

    By the way, I find that once my wood chunks get hot they ignite and make my temp rocket to 300 degrees, any recommendations? should I soak the chunks? (I'm used to an offset and never soak wood since I want it to combust, but I realize in the BGE it really smolders instead)

    jeffs rub

    yellow mustard

    hickory wood chunks

    water pan with foil protecting plate setter

    bottom vent setting

    daisy wheel open 1/4 of the way

    Wrap in foil

    pull butt #1

    SoFlaQuers finish sauce dry ingrediants

    hot apple cider vinegar

    larger hole for pepper and large seasoning to fit through

    finished product on butt #2
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  2. worktogthr

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    Wow! That looks like some great pulled pork! Congrats on your first butt on your egg!
  3. smokinal

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    Now that is some good looking pulled pork!

    Great job on a new smoker!

    Guess this ain't your first rodeo!


  4. slimc

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    Thanks! Everyone loved it. Here is a pic with the sides


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