12 hr pork butt and brine another in pops

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    Got up at 5 am to start fire. Full load of KB, this is about 5:30 Cool pic. Did minion method on WSM. Pecan and apple

    Well didn't get beforePic but stabbed it a bunch and rubbed night before,no injection which I have done all other times. Rubbed good next morn. Put on at 250. Maintained 250 for  11.5 hrs. First long smoke on WSM or would of done overnight and do have ET 732. Spiked at around 7 hrs. over 300 freaked out and was pulling wood out which I had put more in then seen was out of water. Finally calmed down after shimming up the lid with all dampers closed. Put in oven at 179 it, covered last hr at 250. GREAT!

    Pop's brine on 2nd butt. Added 4 oz. of honey so only put 3/4 cup white sugar. Added 1 tbls ground clove. Weighted down with a sqare gallon ice cream container.  Tell you in a month. Doing another for Thanksgiving even though havn't tasted this but did bacon and-----.  Don't know why red lines are going on.

    Going on on butts.

    Bottom is garden plus seasoning fom bacon made last year. Top is store bought.
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    Red lines when I am posting dont see them on post weird

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