10lber Butt in the smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dog158, May 1, 2015.

  1. Putting on a 10 pound butt with Apple and mesquite chunks.
  2. I'm in     [​IMG]
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  3. sota d

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    OK now, we got a butt smoke going today! Keep the pics and descriptions coming. We'll be watching.
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  4. chewmeister

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  5. Got the pork for $1.99/lb,couldn't so no. The last 2 weekends I did beef and a 3lb trout.
    Did my usual spicy mustard then spice rub. After 2hrs I spray it down with "juice" always get a great bark with it. I'll add pics when I can.
  6. My big ugly smoker! Upgrades are in the works. Gotta do a little welding and trying to decide on a nice wood slab for a front prep area,possibly 2-3"cherry.
  7. sota d

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    Your "big ugly smoker" is beautiful with smoke coming out the exhaust!
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