10lb Boston Butt

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  1. Another success on my MES Analog/Auber PID.  I started this Tuesday, July 2 at 1pm and pulled her off at 7am Wednesday.  The Auber held it at 225.  I saw it at 226 a time or two when I went out but not once above that.  I used both the built-in water tray and wood tray to hold two rounds of chips.  I also used my A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker with Apple and Cherry pellets. 

    I have a ceramic Kamado that would probably make some fantastic Q, but I went to bed at 12, got up at 7 and pulled it out of the smoker.  I would worry a lot more about the lump charcoal...unless I bought one of those PID devices for the Kamado.

    If you have the MES Analog smoker, you know the temp drifts and it takes a while to get it tuned in...if ever.  This PID removes all the hassle and you have a bigger, replaceable burner on the Analog smoker.  Of course, I had to spend another $180 for this controller, but I can also used it for other things and it's not just a uni-tasker.  I've had this smoker now for probably 5yrs and this is my second Auber.  The first burned out, but it was the Bradley Smoker model and only rated for 10amps.  This smoker needs the 15amp model.

    Check out that bone:

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    That's a big butt! Looks great.

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