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  1. I posted a thread a couple days ago of a roast I smoked for use in a chili cookoff.  Couldn't resist slicing some off for french dip sammies.  Chili picks and original roast smoke pics on other threads.  Special thanks to Bearcarver and his " Step By Step" instructions for the roast smokin' lesson [​IMG]

    The finished roast

    The slices.  Beautiful color, amazing smells and flavor

    The feast.... Served on King's Hawaiian rolls with pepper jack and swiss cheese, french onion broth, Arby's curly fries and a glass of wonderful Merlot. Life don't get much better !

    Happy Smokin' Everyone !!!  [​IMG] - Ed
  2. inkjunkie

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    Where's mine?
  3. Sammies are gone, sorry InkJ [​IMG]    Get here soon and there may still be some chili and dogs for ya [​IMG]
  4. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    So THAT'S the way you are....
  5. LOL ! You're only 1900 miles from here. If you rev that fine lookin bike ( jealous-yes) you can make it here before the chili dogs are gone
  6. inkjunkie

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    1900 miles....that is 19 fuel stops....

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