1000 liter reverse flow for trailer

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     They have an 11 hectare property full of propane tanks, there are some monster tanks. Probably about 5-10,000 tanks

     First tank ready for the 9" grinder and plasma cutter.

    I purchased 6 tanks. 4 1000 liter (262 gallon) and 2  2000 liter.

     They have been sandblasted but left outside, so a quick lick with the wire wheel on the grinder is good enough.

    I will cut the head off one end to make room for a parrilla.

    Using Dave's numbers i came up with 262 gallon tank  minus 1 head is 248 gallons.   57,288 cubic inches   This build should go pretty fast so stay tuned.   
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    Wow 10000 propane tanks... this should be a tourist site. Cant wait to see ya build ☺
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     Plasma cutter made short work of cutting the doors

     I tacked a guide on to make it easier to et a straight cut

     My 3 " thick work bench

     Check out the antique chain block, works like a charm!

    All it needed on the inside was 30 mins scrubbing with lathe swarth on the inside. 

    The original numbers for the cooking chamber opening gave me a huge 230" square opening, so I had to reduce it so I can fit in 3 grates for the customer.  I used my CAD progarmmer in Croatia to draw this up and calculate the openings.

     As it is there is still not much room between the bottom grate and the reverse flow plate. I may make the plate in 2 parts with the center V lower to help with this.

    I managed to get most of the guides tacked in place and will weld them in place before I cut off the end of the tank. Hopefully the steel arrives for the firebox so I can start on that.
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     Knocked the end off the tank as I want to be able to fit a parrilla on there in the future

     Having  a hard time trying to get enough ground clearance and firebox to cook chamber opening.  

     Guides welded in.

     We had some 6.25" tube left over, so used that.

     The young guy in the shop getting some practice on the TIG.
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     Reverse flow plate is 3/16".   I used an existing  1 1/2" fittng in the tank for the grease drain and welded some plate over the other holes to block them. I had flipped the tank so I didn't have to fill in all the fittings and there was only one to fill on the original bottom.

     Door done ready to be welded on.

     I am really struggling to get enough ground clearance and still maintain space between the bottom grate and the reverse flow plate. Here is the deflector shield sitting in place.
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     As big as the doors are they are not too bad to open. Guess it helps that I cut the op of the doors 150mm off center of the tank. I used the blue beast (manual guillotene) in the background to cut the 5/8" rebar for the firebox grate.

     With a diameter of 800mm on top of a trailer (500mm) those big doors end up to tall to swing them over center, so we made up this latch that locks then just lift it to release.

     went from 50F to 225 in 10 mins, I think it is going to be a log hog.   Temps are perfectly even  

     The double air intakes with Daves calculations worked great even with the upper air intake slightly higher than the reverse flow plate.

     Got dark and pissed with rain as we were lighting it.

     Tomorrow we will add a wood basket and stainless table that fold down on this side.
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