100 lb propane tank issues

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jbssmokedmeats, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. [ATTACHMENT=926][ATTACHMENT=927][ATTACHMENT=928]image.jpg (1,381k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]Hello I built a 100 lb tank rf about 6 months ago works great half the time I don't know I'd it's the intake placement or what. Ifi place the wood way to the rear of firebox it burns frat but really hot and if I place it to the front by the intake I get a back draft effect where it smokes out the intak. Here's some pic my FB tank is a bit on the small side but I seem to get good temp but I just can't to get it perfect flow its either to hot and perfect tbs or it backdraft and creosote smoke
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    jbssmokedmeats - That is not much to go on. Those first two pics look nearly identical.
    Show us a pic of the entire smoker, a pic of the inside of the fire box, a pic of the outside of the firebox with the door open, a pic of the FB to CC opening, and a pic of the inside of the CC.
    What is the size of the CC?
    What is the size of the FB?
    What is the size of the exhaust?
    I suspect that you may have leaks around your FB door that allow air to feed the fire from the wrong direction when you have the fire placed near the intake. Try sealing that up for starters.

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