10 Pork Shoulders for a party this weekend

Discussion in 'Pork' started by coffee_junkie, Jul 27, 2010.

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    So I agreed to do the pulled pork for a party that someone that my wife works with. Should be a good way to get my Que noticed...except for several little problems that I am sure you folks can help me out with, and some problems not so much.

    I initially agreed to do six, 7-9lb butts. He went shopping yesterday and called to inform me that he bought ten 6lb shoulders. I have never smoked shoulders before just a couple of questions for y'all.

    Will the shoulder cook at the same rate as a butt of equal size? Should I cook it the same as I always do? I normally cover in mustard rub with Jeff's rub, smoke to an internal temp of 160* foil with apple juice and bring internal up to 200*.

    For the smokers I was going to use my drum for 5 and my gasser for 5, will having all that meat affect cooking time? Dinner is at 6 so I was thinking I should get up around 4am to get the smokers going and have the meat on around 4:45-5 am that gives me about 12 hours with and hour rest in a dry cooler....is this doable or should I go another route.

    The other issue is my maverick thermo was left out last weekend and it rained last night, the sensor part didn't turn on this morning, can I get a replacement just for that part? I am kinda freaking out now that I am typing this out and realizing my task that lies before me.

    What multiplier should I use when making Jeff's rub for this much pork?

    Any helps and encouragements would be greatly appreciated.
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    In the world of the other white meat, a shoulder is a butt and a butt is a shoulder. Do like you always have and you'll be fine.


    Not sure about your therm. As for the rub I'd prolly multiply by 5 just to be on the safe side.
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    I was gonna multiply by 4, but will go with 5 to be sure. Hey UDSers, will 4 shoulders fit on my smoker? Will that affect cook time or fuel usage? I am planning on it taking around 12 to 14 hours, is that about what it would take in the drum? I normally only do 2 or 1 butt at a time, and they take around 10-12 hours. I am thinking I might start at 8:00 on friday, If they get done early I am sure the cooler will keep them hot for a few hours, I have one of those huge coolers that all 10 shoulders will fit.
  4. Cook time?  If you maintain your 225 degrees cooking temp, then cook time wouldn't signifantly affected.

    Fuel usage? 

    Using the logic I apply in repairing restaurant equipment, the greater amount of product to absorb heat requires a greater heat source to maintain a set cooking temperature.  I've found this to be true, especially when a high volume restaurant (such as Cracker Barrel) notices their convection oven won't maintain temperature.  Those electric ovens have three heating elements and just losing one (but two still working), they'll notice a temp drop in a heavily used oven and call us for repairs.

    For smokers, a gas version may need to be cranked up a bit to maintain 225 degrees.  I'm sure a gas cooker can handle it.  I'd rotate the roasts though to be sure all get an even dosage of cooking heat.  ANY oven-like cooking medium will have hot and cold spots.

    A charcoal version? Space in my Brinkmann dictates cooking limitations anyway. In your UDS, I don't know..  I alway kept a separate grill with some stoked coals ready to add if necessary.

    Ultimately, I'm sure your smoker, whichever type it is, can handle the load. 
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    Okay, so here is my plan/timeline let me know if I am way off base.

    Friday night, drink beer......around 8pm start applying rub. Back into the fridge for a while.

    about 10pm take roasts out and bring up to temp.

    11pm start the smokers, and get them up to temp.

    12am Saturday, if all went well getting the smokers ready I will now put the meat in the smoker.

    Since I don't want to add cooking time, I am going to opt out of spraying with apple juice and rum every hour (plus I wanna sleep a little) I will probably only do it every 2 or so (when I open the gasser to add more wood chunks)

    When all of the roasts are reading 160* internal I will foil and juice, back in the smoker until they all reach 200* internal.

    I am thinking they should be done around 12-2 pm and will start pulling them one by one if some get done sooner.

    Into the dry cooler wrapped in towels. I am hoping they will stay hot until 6pm,

    At 6pm arrive at party and start pulling, and applying finishing sauce.

    If anybody sees anything wierd or off base please let me know. I have NEVER cooked this many roasts at once before, and wasn't very nervous when I agreed...but now I am nervous. I will post qview after this is all over with.
  6. placebo

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    Looks to me like a pretty safe plan. The only thing that isn't clear is, are you planning to cook all 10 butts at the same time? Not sure how many a UDS will hold, is your GOSM going to be used for this also?
  7. coffee_junkie

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    I plan on smoking 4 roasts on the UDS, and 6 in a borrowed GOSM big block, I will reserve my small block for overflow if needed.
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