1 rack Maple Glazed Ribs, 1 rack KC Ribs, with Q View!

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  1. Getting this thread started up, will be posting more pictures later, just wanted to get the thread started.

    Today we have Disco's Maple Glazed Ribs up: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/146105/maple-glazed-pork-ribs-apologies-to-the-traditionalists

    As soon as I saw the recipe I knew I had to get my hands sticky with this one!  But with us having a few friends over to watch the Browns...errr....Indians (since the Browns want to rebuild again), I wanted to make sure I had a rack of classics, and then something a little different.  I used minimal rub on the ones that are getting the glaze.  With the help of my friends Cinnamon and Sugar I am very anxious to see how they came out.  I will come back later to update the Q View!

    I love Sunday smokes, all of my Church friends know what's happening as soon as I walk in the door!  They all want me to cook food for them too! haha.

    Top rack is KC, bottom will be the maple glazed. 

  2. ^ Right after they went in

    Q View Update!  Time to foil!

    ^ Decided to add some honey on the Maple Glazed ones...for a little more of a sweet flavor

    ^ Here's the KC ribs (1/2 rack) ready for foil.  I keep it simple with these, just add a little apple juice.

    ^ 1/2 rack of the maple glaze ribs....honey, apple slices and apple juice in here.

    ^ We'll see you again in two hours!
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    Looks wonderful so far!  Too bad there is not a "taste test" option here!

  4. Well?
  5. I can't believe I forgot to come back to ya'll, got too distracted by watching my Browns actually win!

    Ribs turned out phenomenal!  Some folks said they were the most unique ribs they have ever had (in a good way).  I completely forgot to get a "done" photo, I have one from when I went to go sauce them up and transfer them to the grill.

    A few things I plan to do next time:

    I want to rub the Maple Glazed ribs with something really good and sweet.  Between the flavor of the meat and the glaze itself that brings plenty of the salty taste, I would like to taste a true sweet and salty combo...it's just what I was going for, and it came really close.  I chose to toss them on the grill and glaze them / caramelize them there.  That was a great decision, I couldn't replicate the caramelization that Disco had, so I tossed em on, gave them a few flips and all was well in the world.

    All in all I give these ribs a 7.5/10.  They are a fantastic change to the classic / traditional rib, but I wish I would have just rubbed mine a little different.  Disco's glaze was perfect, the only thing I added was a teaspoon of cinnamon.  These ribs smelled like the kitchen when the wife makes pancakes! Maple-y goodness.  I highly recommend giving them a try, I'd love to see what you guys come out with.
  6. Here's the last photo I have of these ribs.  Look at that beautiful pull [​IMG]


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