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Discussion in 'Pork' started by got14u, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. got14u

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    To get more bark on your "butt" I have been thinking of slicing down the middle and almost like filleting it. of course it would have to be one with no bone..and it would more then likely cook faster. but what do u think about it. just to get more bark. has anyone done this ? what were your results? I have 3 in the freezer and will be doing atleast one in the next week or so. oh did I say I luv the bark ?
  2. carpetride

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    You see a lot of buts sliced across the top in diamond pattern which does create more bark but those are typically only an inch deep or so. If you went a lot deeper would it dry out some?
  3. got14u

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    that's what i am wondering. I am picturing filleting it open. and am curious if it would dry out...maybe some foil could come in to play.....more like a 3-2-1 method...i don't know
  4. sumosmoke

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    The logic in my head is thinking the more surface area of meat you have the greater amount of bark, so ... if you cut a boneless in half it will be smaller but may still take around 8-10 hours to smoke, depending on the internal temps of the smoker. You will, however, have more bark on the one that's split than if you were to have cooked the entire roast together.
  5. alx

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    I do alot of competition cooking and Bark is a must.The simplist way to achieve a bark on pork butt is to have enough sugar, i use turbinado, mixed in with your rub.We use a mustard slather on meat then the rub.Guys like D.r bbq in there books make there rub, say a cup of dry ingredients and add another quarter cup of sugar(turbinado, as it has the highest non burn temp of sugar) and blend this togeteher and apply to outside of meat.Lots of sugar to mix with fat layer.If you keep smoker 250 and below no chance of burning.We never foil our butts for comps and our cook times,low and slow, are 1-1half hours pre pound, like a slow cooked brisket at 225.We cook fat side up, non trimmed, 235-250 ,and that will melt the outside layer of fat and rub combined into a bark.The 7-9 pound boston butts are our standard and we do this for personal eating as well.I cook boston butts sometimes at 300 plus and you add the sugar near end of cook at lower temp, so you dont burn the sugar, similiar to the folks here who use bourbon etc in there rib glazes etc.This will not create the low and slow bark ,but some times i like butt in say4-5 hours.
  6. bbq engineer

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    I love the bark too, and think the dark brown bark and reddish purple smoke ring make the presentation look great in a big ol' plate of pulled pork. I frequently cut a butt in half to get more of both...more surface area = more bark and smoke ring in the final product.

    I will also buy country style pork ribs (which are pork butt sliced into about 2 inch strips) when they are on sale, and smoke them which makes a ton of bark and the beautiful smoke ring.

    You will need to monitor your temps, because by reducing he mass of the butt, it will cook a bit quicker.

    BBQ Eng.
  7. got14u

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    both of you thanks alot for the input !!! I think i will be going this route from now on. aslong as i can get good results !!

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