1/4" steel for firebox-will it warp if not braced?

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    Still in the planning stage for my RF build, and the firebox will be 32"W x 24"H x 24" deep. Will I want to add some cross-braces to these 1/4" panels when I build this box? I've seen them with and without...I've noticed that a lot of the Lang units have braces on the panels, I assume for more strength and to prevent warpage from heat. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time!
  2. I sure hope 1/4 is thick enough not to warp that is what I am using on the build I am doing now.

    This is my thought on it I had a cheap wood stove made out of 3/16 and always ran it hot. It would pop creek and make all sorts of noise on start up and cool down.

    My Sierra stove is 1/4 and doesn't make anywhere near the grunts and groans. 30 years old and still using it with no visible warping.

    Plus with a smoker your not trying to heat the house your just making low heat and smoke.

    With that said I am going to use fire brick on the floor of my FB because I have some from an old stove.

    and my door is double panel for stability probably not needed but looks cool.
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