Masterbuilt XL 44 propane smoker

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  1. travelbilly
    Pros - Lots of room, that's it.
    Cons - Too many vents and berry poor placement of them as well as their design.inability to maintain constant temps. Need a babysitter.
    Bout the version built for cabelas called Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite. Listen, it's supposed to be a smoker, but really, it's grill, no, an oven, that's it. I've used it several times now in order to find the sweet spots as far as operating it, there are none. The least of worries is that the lighter doesn't work, well, it does on one side, but I have to light one side manually. There are so many openings and spaces for too much air to get in rendering the vents useless. Speaking of vents, there is one on each side near the bottom, the are huge and you cannot close either of them all the way. That, combined with all the open spaces near the burners ensures your chips or pellets burn too quickly and/or ignite. I have aluminium tape closing one off all together. The exit vent is on the back of the unit and is always half way open and not designed to close any further. It needs to close more and would work so much better if it were on the top of the smoker. The burners which I mentioned earlier have very little adjustment. Oh, the knobs turn a great deal, but not much occurs. All these things culminate in a smoker that is impossible to regulate and keep a steady temp. You will be in a state of continual adjustment and tinkering. O DO have a large pan of gravel inside to help keep the temp steady, bit it's so bad that it helps very little.if you are the neighbourhood mod monster, this smoker may be for you, if you want something that functions properly because it's well designed and TESTED before mass production, steer clear of this one.
  2. comer4tide
    "Great Smoker for the Price"
    Pros - Tons of Room, Cooks Great, Smokes fantastic without the factory junk in it
    Cons - The factory heat shield and chip tray are garbage
    Got this for convenience and the ease of smoking at tailgates or events without pulling the stick burner. Smoked several meals on it now. While I was assembling the smoker, i saw the wood chip tray and factory heat shield and said nope. Glad I didnt install them. I use two bricks and an old grill grate over the burner opening with a cast iron pan to hold chunks and deflect heat. I get great smoke out of that and can easily hold 225 with one burner on high, or 250 plus with both. It doesnt use as much propane as I thought it would and on long Butt smokes or big meat smokes it will use about 1/4 to 1/2 of a 25 pound tank depending on outside temp and wind. The air temp and wind do have a noticeable effect on the heat and I have an oven thermometer on every rack Im cooking on plus the maverick probe. Overall it is a great unit for the price and ease of use. Temps can jump around on you and the factory guts of the unit are not very good but, with a little modification, it can be a great unit for a specific purpose like I use it for!