CDN Proaccurate Digital Programmable Probe Thermometer

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  1. jesse624
    "CDN Porgrammable Probe-Mod. DTP482 So far so good"
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    Nov 28, 2011
    Pros - Has alarm for temp set, count down and count up timer.
    Cons - The mfr furnished magnet to allow mounting to stl surface is not functional, it wont support the weight of the monitor.
    The unit fully monitors cooked items very well so far.  No problem with probe sensor, nor the

    monitor functions.  You can use the auto setup or manually input your desire temperature,

    in either *F or *C scale.  You can move up or down the temp. scale to reach your desired setting.

    The monitor unit is foot supported or magnet supported by design, but the magnet is too weak

    to support the unit.  The instructions are a little confusing, but the average person can soon

    figure things out.  So far I've used it with the smoker once, the oven once, and as a candy thermometer

    once on the stove.  I checked to unit with boiling water, and the alarm went off at 212*F. 

    I never checked it with ice water.  Oh yeah, one other item, the alarm is visual, and will sound a

    audible alarm if selected to; however, the audible part is great if your in the same room,

    but if you are two rooms away you probably won't hear it.  It's not very loud.
  2. jimf
    Purchase Date:
    Jun 27, 2011
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    Pros - well built, Large display, programable temps, 4ft cord
    This is a great probe thermometer (4 ft cord). I have used it in large Pork Butts as well as in large cuts of meat on the grill.  You can get an alert at a desired temperature and the display will sound an alarm once the desire temp is reached.  Also has built-in desired temps based on the type of meat you selected.  I tried this on my grill with 4 pound tri-tips.  I set it to Beef-medium.  Once the alarm went off at 160* I pulled it off the grill, when I cut into it, the meat was perfect.  Couldn't have asked for a more perfect doneness.