Cajun Injector Vertical Gas Smoker Package

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Cajun Injector
  1. rescue51
    "Rajun Cajun"
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    Dec 9, 2012
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    Pros - Price, 2 door design, fuel efficient
    Cons - Door handles iffy

    I picked up the new model at Cabela's and have been pleased from the get go.  If you have a Cabela's close and have the Visa you can get a good deal on it.  I was able to use my built up cash for $100 off this unit, making it barely a hundred bucks.  This is my first smoker.  After doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere I decided to go with the gas smoker for the ease of use and the fact I can use the same bottle from my grill.  This smoker was easy and straightforward to assemble and I did the first "seasoning" burn without issue.  I got an oven thermometer and set it on the top rack inside and have noticed a pretty good consistency with the one on the door.  This surprised me after reading so many folks saying there can be up to 20 degrees difference.  I also got a thermometer with probe to use for monitoring the meat.  It was spot on with the beef roast; which was the first time I used it. 

    I have smoked a rack of pork ribs, and I smoked a Christmas beef roast in it.  The temperature control is easy.  I like the fact it has the two-door design.  It is easy to mind the wood box without disturbing the cooking chamber.  The water bowl is large and accessed from the bottom as well.  A big plus in my mind is the fact that it has handles on the sides for ease of transportation.  I keep it in the garage and carry it around back to use on the deck when I'm cooking.  I also can put it in my truck to take to the firehouse when I'm working on the weekend to smoke something up for the guys. 

    The only thing I think could be improved on is the door handles.  The spring/twist/pull/push thing is a little weird to me.  But that could just be me.

    All in all, I really like this smoker and am glad I chose it for my first one.  I hope to have many years of good use out of it.