integritybbq, Apr 28, 2013
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      Brined for 48 hours in gallon of water, 3 apples,3 oranges, 1 bundle of celery, 3 sweet onions, spices, and 1 cup of sea salt.(turned out good but dont add salt after brine, had a good flavor but added salt in a rub would of been too much)

      22" WSM -1 ring of charcoal(stubbs)/lump charcoal(prime) and 1 full chimney of charcoal added using minion method. 5 chunks of maple wood.

      Pineapple slices and bacon on top to help with breast meat drying out. Had a few spikes in temp(450 deg) due to having the lid open I believe.

      Smoked for 4 hours around 350-325 and pulled at 175deg(want to pull at 165 deg. Investing in a maverick, cheap themometers are not getting it done, breast was a tad on dry side but dark meat was amazing. I really think leaving this on for the 10 degree longer was the difference, also hard to cook a 20lb bird evenly. Overall, was tender and had unique wood flavor, must of been the maple -very good taste for poultry.
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