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photo (4).JPG

photo (4).JPG
jason wilson, Nov 1, 2012
    • jason wilson
      smoked with apple wood
    • tom walker
      Hey Jason,
      I'm looking at your photo of the "Old House Smoker" and I sure wouldn't mind hearing how it works.
      Is there another chamber for the fire below the one we see? If not, then where does the food go?
      When I first read the words "old house smoker' I thought you were talking about my Uncle Ed. He was old and sat around the house smoking.
    • jason wilson
      LOL yes there were 2 chambers in there i all ways wanted one but never really wanted to do the work because i wasn't real sure about it or how much i would really use it then we rented this place i seen it tried it and fell in love been trying to build a smoker ever since just finally got up the courage to actually build though and so far so good thanks to the guys in here
    • tom walker
      Thank you, Jason.
      Resistance was futile, anyway.
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