City of San Leandro Super Duty Smoker and BBQ

The City of San Leandro CA Marina Park Seagul area Smoker and BBQ was designed by Winston McKee the Parks Supervisor and build by Parks staff in our in house shop. The smoker/warmer weights over 4,000lbs. The BBQ weighs about the same and the metal footing weighs 2,000lbs. Total weight is 10,000lbs. It has over 200lbs of welding rod and hundreds of hrs. of fabrication time. The cabinet is made of 1/2 plate and mostly 3/8 plate. The doors are triple lines with 2" of 2,400 degree ceramic insulation between each layer. The hinges are designed to handle loads of 1-2,000lbs each and we put three on the cooker doors so that they will last forever. The handles utilize 1 1/2" thick solid steel running through 4" brass bushings into the cabinet with a very large roller bearing that grabs the inner 3/4 plate tab to suck the door tight. Everything on the cabinet is locked down and only opened if you have a reservation. All surfaces are powder coated with a awesome texture that has a slightly rough texture to it so it doesn't show finger prints ect. Heat is regulated into the top of the cooking area, cool are is regulated out of the bottom of the cooking area and out the top of the cabinet. Cool are can be regulated to the coals. I designed it to accept a lot of coals but during out test run we used 4 bags and the cooking area got to 500 degrees. So we modified the grate to not take more than one bag of coals. The BBQ uses 3/4 CNC Plasma cut grates for the coals to rest on. The cooking surface is 1/2 CNC cut Plasma plate. The coals have 4ft to build up before staff needs to clean it out. There are 4 very large 1/2 plate doors that weigh 2-300lbs each that allow staff to clean out the ashes once every year or two. There is room for two separate 4ft rotisserie's and a 110 outlet on the bottom of one end just in case someone wants to set up a electric rotisserie. The rotisserie's are supported by 1" CNC Plasma cut plate with 4 height adjustments. When not using the rotisserie the doors are shut and pots can be put on the doors to cook. We are still fabricating inside of the cooking cabinet and will have it done before the 4th of July weekend (2013). It was a lot of work but the public loves it so it was well worth the work!