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  1. tctoland
    I absolutely love my PBC!! Does not replace my BGE, just one more tool in the outdoor cooking kitchen! I don't use it to grill per se (i.e. steaks, burgrs etc.)but more like a smoker, although it's not like most smokers! With the PBC, my tri-tips... View Full Review
  2. bangstick
    "All it's cracked up to be and then some"
    Best purchase of a cooking instrument I've ever made. I actually sold my BGE because it set under its cover and never was used after the first time I fired up my Woodwind. Smoking, grilling, does it all. Plus, the sear box on the side... View Full Review
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  3. tulsajeff
    "Absolutely Love this Pellet Grill!"
    To judge other pellet grills against the Camp Chef Woodwind you have to look at the features and perhaps the smoke production and level of smoke flavor. Camp Chef has come to the table with a better machine on both of those counts in my opinion.... View Full Review