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  1. djjubbajubba
    These numbers are, honestly, skewed. Most people do not use 93/7 beef. The most common is 80/20. That has a much higher fat content. Also, the numbers are just downright wrong. I don't know where you got these numbers from, but the both have much...
  2. djjubbajubba
    I would love to try it, but everywhere I have seen it it's very expensive.
  3. bill ace 350
    Great article. I pass by the location every day, right across the street from Knapp's. Shopped the Fassets and Whites stores, never the Great American. Very nostalgic, great memories.
  4. Rings Я Us
    Nice job.. Bet it was tasty..
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  5. ab canuck
    Wow that was a great read. I love the story and info. All the links attached are great. I have used a couple of your brines and will be doing more as soon as we get the smoke house finished. Thx. for sharing with us.